Bluedroplet Consulting is where Bitcoin Drupaler Jonathan Brown (drupal.org profile) can be hired. He has been using Drupal since 2005.

Jonathan had a DrupalCon Prague session on Mozilla Persona with Dan Callahan from Mozilla.

To get in touch, please use the contact form.


Jonathan can work on-site or remotely:

  • Due diligence - ensuring that an existing project is of sufficient quality before committing to build upon it.
  • Team building - have your own in-house Drupal capabilities.
  • Defining site building strategy.
  • Creating a culture for using Drupal in a sustainable manner.
  • Analysing a specification to determine how best to implement it with Drupal.
  • Critiquing an existing implementation, explaining how things can be done better.
  • In-office presence helping team members.
  • Developing modules.
  • Assisting with whole Drupal websites.
  • Training.


Major Drupal contributions

Notable core patches